Chalking Team – 2017

This year we have 6 professional chalking artists planned for you.  You’ll find these talented artists in front of The Fantastic Food Garden mural at Westgate Park.  Sheryl Lazenby was a finalist for our mural competition, and she’ll be chalking the “Rastapus” that we loved so much.  She’s rallied a team of friends and co-chalkers around her and they’ll be descending on Summer Jam West with fresh chalk in hand.  All of the chalk artists are members of the Ohio Chalk Art Guild and all have years of experience behind them.  Many participate annually at Easton’s Chalk the Block and Columbus Art Festival.

We’ll supply kids with sidewalk chalk giving them the opportunity to be inspired by the incredible chalk art they see being created all around them.  Maybe your kids had the right idea all along and they just need a bit more encouragement……their art looks fantastic on a sidewalk!

What’s so sad about chalk art?  It simply washes away with the rain.  Ask our chalk artists how they feel about this.  I’m sure each one will have a different reaction.  For us, we see it as a huge loss to something so beautiful.

Click on the artist photo and follow it down the rabbit hole to a whole new world of fun and colour.