Art Panel

Decisions, Decisions!


Decisions for choosing a muralist for 2017 will be difficult!  Mural applications have been showing up in our email like crazy this month.  We’ve had enquires from as far away as the US Virgin Islands and Vancouver, BC Canada.  Last year we had 3 applications,  this year we’ve had 14.  Of those, 6 have submitted their colour rendition.  Their “canvas” is 90 feet X 13 feet of cement and it’s located just east of N. Sylvan Ave. along the newly paved Camp Chase Trail.  Owner Don Dicks, has graciously allowed us to paint the mural on his building.  The brave artists who’ve submitted their colour rendering are:

Amir Shakir and Ivette Cabrera of Color Dreamers

Michael Pyrdsa of Murals Painted Everywhere

Sheryl Lazenby

Thomas Morgan of Morgan Factory

Jennifer Belt of Ruby Rose Studio

Maureen Clark

Roger Williams

Want a peak at what’s in?

Applications are open only until the end of November.

We’ll be making our decision at the December 7th board meeting.


Something Special This Way Comes

Summer Jam has recently acquired a gorgeous Urban Scrawl panel painted by our very own Hilltop artist, Brian Marcus.  He’s titled it “Azcend”.  Azcend was painted at Urban Scrawl 2015 and was generously donated to Summer Jam by the Franklinton Arts District after we enquired about it.  We like to think of it as our Stairway to Heaven.  We’re excited that it’s our first 8’X4′ panel and you can be sure to expect a new one each year.  Azcend is already destined for it’s new home.  It’ll be installed on our local ice cream shop, Cream & Sugar, on Sullivant Ave.  You should see it up there by the end of November.

All of our art installations are public, meaning that you get to enjoy them in your community without any cost.  This is your gallery, Hilltop!

“For the Common Good – A Summer Jam Art Spot”


New Look

Welcome to our new webpage.  You’ll find it faster, have more current, up to date information and of course, plenty of photos.  We’ve added a blog where you can post your comments and we can let you know what’s happening all year long.  Summer Jam is much more than just a one day arts and music festival.  We’re a “Tour de Force” art movement on the Hilltop!