Crazy is the new normal.

“I can’t work 7 days a week.  I need a day off”.  This phrase comes out of Roger’s mouth every day, yet there’s seldom a day we don’t see him at work.  The man is obsessed with making this his most significant piece of artwork.

Roger has the main images in place, so now the magic begins.  This is the part where Roger makes it his own.  We’re just beginning to see the crazy going on!  Need a map to see it in person?  We’ve attached one below.  There’s nothing subtle or subdued about Roger’s work.  You won’t be dreaming of daisies in pastoral fields.  This mural screams music and fun and pop art.  Bring your sunglasses with you; it’s going to be bright!

Just how famous is Roger?  One of his painting recently sold at auction for $19,000.  The city of Columbus has commissioned him for many murals throughout downtown.  His incredible works of art can be found in the biggest and best homes in Columbus and art collectors are buying them up.  So why is he doing this epic mural for Summer Jam West?  He wants to leave a legacy behind him and he’s granting it to the Hilltop.  If that doesn’t just blow your mind, the mural surely will.