A new art panel has made it’s way onto the Hilltop.  “The Procession” has come out of storage and found it’s permanent location on the west facing wall of La Chaparrita (2655 W. Broad).  It took a few months, but with Pedro’s permission, we were able to place Tiffany Christopher’s vibrant art panel in a prominent location on W. Broad.

We wanted to have this Dias de Los Muertos painting on a Latino business as part of our “For the Common Good” art installations.  We want the Latino community to know we recognize their hard work, their commitment to the Hilltop and want to join them in the celebration of their culture.

“The Procession” was donated to Summer Jam West by Franklinton Arts District.  It was painted by Tiffany Christopher (a Hilltop resident)  of Memoire Art at Urban Scrawl in 2016.  When we first saw it there, we knew we had to have it.  The art panel is coated in a non-sacrificial coating with UV protection to keep it clean, and the paints bright.

The owner, Pedro, tells us that he’s been in business on the hilltop for 16 years.  This shop is a hidden gem.  Inside are high end leather boots and shoes in colors and styles that will knock your socks off.

Pedro did tell us, “If you ever get a horse…………”