Heartland Bank wins Supporter of the Arts Award


We’re super stoked that Heartland Bank has won Ohio Arts Council Governor’s Small Business Supporter of the Arts.  We nominated them because we’ve seen how involved they are with Summer Jam West, supporting us not only with sponsorships but with Volunteers and board members.  Heartland Bank was our very first sponsor and they’ve stayed with us ever since.  What we’ve learned is that they’ve supported Westerville arts festival since 2000, co-founded Grove City Arts in the Ally 38 years ago, funded Gahanna Creekside Jazz and Blues festival for over 20 years, encourage local artists to hang their art in the bank and stepped up to finance Blockfort Artist Studios when others turned them away.

“The 2018 Governor’s Awards winners are true innovators and leaders in their communities. They exemplify Ohio’s creative and forward-thinking spirit,” said OAC Executive Director Donna S. Collins. “On behalf of the Ohio Arts Council, I congratulate this year’s group of individuals, organizations, and businesses on earning our state’s most prestigious artistic and cultural achievement.”

Congratulations, Heartland!  You’ve earned this very prestigious award by supporting the communities around you.