Hilltop Rising

Summer Jam West is proud to announce the location of “Hilltop Rising”.  

Seventy years ago, on a remote piece of farmland just seven miles west of downtown Columbus, General Motors envisioned building more than just a factory. They envisioned building a strong community of working class neighbourhoods through employment with good wages, benefits and stability. Each day, thousands of steel workers brought the factory to life. Five decades later, a once thriving Hilltop community struggled with the closing, and all that remained was vacant, fenced off land.

In 2010, Hollywood Casino Columbus arrived, bringing 1000 jobs with benefits, a positive change, and economic revitalization to the west side. As part of being a good neighbour, Hollywood is committed to working with west side organizations through partnerships, volunteerism and charitable giving.

Summer Jam West also has a vision, an art movement that they foresee has the potential to bring about economic change and growth to the Hilltop. Each year, Summer Jam West installs major, public art on the Hilltop.

In the process of planning, “Hilltop Rising” for the 2018 music and arts festival, they realized the Hollywood Casino property was closely positioned to the highest point on the Hilltop. They contacted Hollywood with a proposition to not only help fund the sculpture, but to allow Summer Jam West to feature it on their property. It took surprisingly little convincing. They were on board from the beginning.

Andrew Lundberg of Lundberg Industrial Arts in Franklinton was awarded the commission to build the sculpture. Rising up from Hollywood’s property alongside Georgesville Rd, will be Andrew’s vision of a Phoenix. Summer Jam West board members loved his concept because it not only embraced their theme of “Hilltop Rising” and encouraged public interaction, but because it will be built with a mixture of raw metals that brings forth a reminder of the long gone Delphi GM manufacturing plant. The Phoenix represents being born anew, out of the ashes; how we as a community are growing towards becoming vibrant once more.

Summer Jam West believes that everyone is entitled to art, regardless of income or address. They feel strongly that if they can awaken new habits and fresh thinking in one generation, they can brighten the future of the next. As a permanent reminder of what was and what can be, they are proud to announce the beginning of their 2018 major art installation, “Hilltop Rising”.

Hilltop Rising” is funded through grants from Greater Columbus Arts Council, Puffin Foundation West, Hollywood Casino Columbus, Heartland Bank, Weston Vision, United Way of Central Ohio, Ohio Arts Council and Ohio Alliance for Arts Education.

Completion and installation will take place in June, 2018.

Closing of Delphi Plant – Columbus Dispatch


Hilltop Rising