Our Mission

Summer Jam West commits to bringing music and permanent, public art to the Hilltop.


Summer Jam West is a grassroots arts and music organization on the Hilltop. Our goal is to bring family, friends and neighbours together, and to raise awareness on environmental and humanitarian concerns through art.  In achieving these goals, we wish to use local, buy local and promote local.

While our festival is an annual event, we work year round in our commitment to install permanent, public art throughout the Hilltop community.  Our major installations reflect our annual theme.  We feel strongly that if we can awaken new habits and fresh thinking in one generation, we can brighten the future of the next.  We believe that everyone is entitled to art, regardless of income or address.

Our installations are placed in highly visible, public locations, and seek to influence thinking and lifestyles.


What do you mean, “Color Your World Green”?

We all know that we’ve treated the world without thinking of the future for many decades.  Now we’re asking you to be informed and be inspired.  Compost your scraps, plant pollinator gardens, re-use before you recycle, avoid harmful and toxic chemicals in your cleaning and gardens.  Everything you do impacts the planet you and your family live on.  Going green is a personal choice that we want you to embrace and work towards making a positive impact where you live.