Fantastic Food Garden

Our Mission

Summer Jam West commits to bringing music and permanent, public art to the Hilltop.

We are a grassroots, nonprofit arts organization on the Hilltop. Our goal is to bring family, friends, and neighbors together, and to raise awareness of environmental and humanitarian concerns through art. In achieving these goals, we wish to support and promote our local community.

We fulfill our mission and goals through two initiatives: (1) Hosting an annual arts and music festival which is free to the public, and (2) Commissioning and installing permanent, public art throughout the Hilltop community. Both initiatives are guided by and reflect our annual theme.

Our installations are placed in highly visible, public locations, and seek to influence thinking and lifestyles.

2021 Theme – Pursuing Good Together

What do you mean, “Pursuing Good Together”?

We don’t need to cover the myriad ways in which 2020 was a difficult year; you already know that. What we do want to focus on is mending our social fabric, and how we can bring people together again, even if – for public health reasons – we’re not quite ready to physically come together.

As with so many things, this healing starts locally, and it starts with us. The Hilltop already faced so many complex challenges requiring creative solutions and people working together – we don’t need to add to the challenges. Our theme reflects our desire for collaboration, for unity, for equality, and for working together to solve problems big and small. And for doing GOOD things. Together.