Statement of Inclusion

Summer Jam West is committed to welcoming all visitors to our festival, and this includes those coming to us with a disability.  Our festival is for everyone.  We understand that disability is part of every community regardless of age, gender, address or income and this year we’re making a special effort to make accommodations.



All of our signage and maps include recognized icons as well as words.

Centrally located signage with pictures

Large scale festival grounds directional pole.

Posters are available in English, Spanish, Japanese or Somali.



We reserve 15 spaces for vehicles with valid accessible parking tags.

Notify our parking lot attendant to be directed to a space.

Accessible Parking is located in the large lot on the east side of the park, beside Westgate Recreation Centre.



Our festival is held in a public park, so walkways are variable.

Paved pathways throughout the park.

Paved pathways to accessibility washrooms in shelter house.

20′ wide walkway between vendor rows.

Ramp or stair option for stage performers.



Access to accessible washrooms along paved park way.

Service animal and dog cooling station.

Icons plus text on mapping and directional signage.

Gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian/vegan food options.

Two large tents with seating and tables inside to cool down and rest.

The park is filled with large, mature trees that throw shade everywhere.

Lost & Found service at our Guest Services Tent.



Basic First Aid supplies (bandaids, wipes, etc) are available at the Guest Services Tent.

Two Certified EMS persons will be available throughout the day.  Contact our Guest Services tent.

City of Columbus Police Officer on duty throughout the day.

City of Columbus Bike Patrol, Equine Unit and Community Liaison Officers are available from  11 am – 4 pm.



“Noise and confusion at large gatherings of people overwhelmed my senses.” – Temple Grandin

The enclosed shelter house is set a good distance back from the stage and main festival.  Inside, it’s a quiet space to calm down.

The area inside is large and spacious, with few physical barriers and even fewer sensory stimulators.

Outside of the shelter house, there is a quiet rain garden, filled with butterflies and plants.