For the Common Good

A Summer Jam Art Spot

Children’s Mural – Aaron Grover

Before Summer Jam West was even its own thing, our fearless leader asked her neighbor, artist Aaron Grover, to paint a mural of 200 children playing in Westgate Park to commemorate Columbus’ Bicentennial. The mural was painted over the winter of 2013/2014 on four sheets of 8′ X 4′ cement board with Nova mural paint. Aaron Grover designed the mural and then called in artist friends from the Hilltop to help him complete it. The mural was begun in the late spring of 2013 and completed over the winter inside his home. Long-time Hilltop resident Joe Lamothe installed the mural on the upper left portion of the west facing wall of the racquetball court in Westgate Park.

Danielle Poling’s Fantastic Food Garden later encompassed and surrounded it, bringing attention to all the details painted in this commemorative mural. Look closely. Count the children. What all can you see? There are so many fun things to spot.

Funded By:

Greater Columbus Arts Council

United Way of Central Ohio

Ohio Alliance for Arts Education