For the Common Good

A Summer Jam Art Spot

The Fantastic Food Garden – Danielle Poling

The Fantastic Food Garden was Summer Jam’s major public art installation for 2016.  We wanted to encourage healthy eating, community gardening and urban homesteading.  What better way than through art?  After interviewing a number of muralists, we chose Danielle Poling to get the job done.  We liked her enthusiasm, her community spirit and the brightness of her work.  What a HUGE job we had for her!  The wall was 80 feet long and 20 feet high.  In the top, left corner was an 8′ X 24′ mural designed by Aaron Grover and painted by resident artists.  We wanted the new mural to incorporate Aaron’s work.

Danielle began painting on June 12th, 2016 and had it completed by the first week in July.  She had a few good friends join her on the journey, had more than a few ups and downs with the scissor lift, and invited the children of the Hilltop to have their handprint pressed into a dahlia on the forefront of the mural.

In just a few short months it’s gained a ton of attention!  WOSU Broad & High filmed a short segment of the painting and aired it on their opening show of the fall season.  Libby Jean Roller Derby Queen used it as a backdrop for a photo shoot, and Adam Miller filmed an ad in front of it.  We expect a wedding to be held in front of it some day!.

The Fantastic Food Garden can be seen from almost any spot in Westgate Park.  It’s official address is 455 S. Westgate Ave.

Funded By:


Ohio Arts Council

Ohio Health

Recreation and Parks

Heartland Bank

United Way of Central Ohio

Ohio Alliance for Arts Education

Puffin Foundation West

Hollywood Casino