The Devil Doves

The Devil Doves have been delighting audiences at taverns and festivals with their energetic live performances and creative songwriting.  The Devil Doves are a 4-piece band,  based out of Columbus, Ohio.  They feature the sandpaper vocals and insightful lyrics of Junior Kauffman, the aggressive style of Kyle “Headband” Davis on the cajon, the steady thump of Rico “Thunderstorm” Nassau on the bass, and the improvisational prowess of Jeff Straw on the keys. 
Currently, they have two CD’s out and they’ll be available at SJW.
Band Members: Junior Kauffman, Kyle Davis, Eric Nassau, Jeff Straw

MoJo Theory

Mojo Theory is an all original music blues band. Fronted by a stellar vocalist, and backed by some of the best players around!  MoJo Theory has won numerous awards included the coveted International Blues Challenge in 2009, the River City Blues competition in 2008, the W. Virginia Blues competition in 2010 and many more.

Mojo Theory consists of the showmanship and provocative storytelling of gritty vocalist Mark Richards, creative compositions of guitarist Brian Beatty, the riveting stylish bass guitar of Duane Coffman, power drummer Todd Mollette, and the stimulating keyboards of Jeff Morris.   21st Century Blues, y’all!


Zoo Trippin’

Zoo Trippin’ was founded in 2014 when Lynn Roose III and Tony Casa started a new project with Steve Hatmaker. Shortly after the 3 piece picked up Jim Bourne(akaBucktooth) on bass, and Zachary Pontzer on guitar.
ZT also has a whole array of featured artist that regularly rotate in, adding their own flavor to an already bountiful meal of music.
Zoo Trippin’ is the child of years of live performances, recordings, and previous projects. The group holds true to its Blues/Rock roots but is now off in new directions, including(but not limited to) funk, soul, hip-hop, metal, and jam. Adding a more eclectic element to the already genre blending style, makes for a truly unique experience at each show.
With new members, new songs, featured special guests, an unparalleled live show, and a new style all their own-Zoo Trippin’ will soon span the airwaves and rock the continents!

Honey and Blue

The band, a self-described mix of pop, blues and soul, is fronted by singer/songwriters Adam Darling and Stephanie Amber. Appropriately named, Honey and Blue combines Darling’s sultry bluesy sounds with Amber’s sweet, whimsical take on lyrics and harmony.

Band Members:  Adam Darling, Stephanie Amber, Dwight Bailey, James Gaiters



Antioch is an Indi Heartland Rock band from Columbus, OH. Their debut record was just released January 2018.
Music In Motion says it best,”Sometimes you hear a band for the first time and find yourself not able to stop listening to them.”

That was the effect that Antiøch had on me. Hailing from just south of Columbus, their sound is best described as “rock-infused Heartland Americana. They formed just last summer (June 2016) and are on the path to making an impact on the local scene.

“This band became a priority for us last June,” Weston said. “The idea is to do as much as we can with this. We really want something to happen out of this.”

The band is comprised of brothers Nathan Little (vocals/guitar) and Weston Little (drums), John Raquet (guitar), Anthony Delgado (bass) and Michael Corbett (keyboards). Nathan and Weston are the principal songwriters for the band.”