Partnering Booths – 2018

Each year Summer Jam West partners up with Hilltop local organizations that support our theme.  This year our theme is Hilltop Rising and we’re bringing awareness to organizations that do good on the Hilltop. They offer free programs and are very excited to share their information with you.


Greater Hilltop Shalom Zone

The Greater Hilltop Area Shalom Zone is a group of residents and faith-based organization operating in partnership with other non-profit entities, educational institutions and the city and county government to revitalize and improve the lives of the residents of the Greater Hilltop.


Celebrate One

Celebrate One was created to ensure that our community reaches the ambitious goal of reducing infant mortality.  We help pregnant women and new moms in need have a healthy pregnancy and first year so that every child has a chance to celebrate turning one.

Clean Turn Enterprises

CleanTurn is one of Ohio’s leading social enterprise ventures providing training and employment opportunities for men and women who have had significant obstacles to employment in their past.  This year, Clean Turn Enterprises will be managing our trash, recycling and composting efforts.

The Art Mobile

The Artmobile is the first and only mobile art studio in Columbus!
We believe art is for everyone, no matter where you live.  We provide a fun, creative, art experience and you provide the imagination!  This year The Art Mobile will be managing our Children’s Art Zone and guiding your child through painting their t-shirt to take home.


Cbus Libraries

Cbus Libraries champion the love of reading with “Moby” their adorable mobile library.  They’ll have books available with themes of renewal, rising through adversity, and the arts.

Friends of the Hilltop

The purpose of Friends of the Hilltop is to foster a sense of community, thereby encouraging reinvestment in the community and ultimately the re-emergence of the Hilltop as a respected, powerful part of the city of Columbus.

South Central Hilltop Blockwatch

South Central Hilltop Blockwatch, run by Lisa Boggs believes that to make a difference in your neighbourhood, you have to be vigilant in what’s happening around you.


Westgate and Camp Chase Block Watches

Westgate and Camp Chase Block Watches, run by Pamela Weaver will be bringing in the City of Columbus Equine, K-9 and Bike units.

My Project USA

My Project USA uplifts under-privileged, crime-ridden neighbourhoods. They strengthen abused, neglected and undeserved communities and get the very best out of them through social services and civic engagement. We are the largest Muslim Social Services Organization in Ohio.