Mural 2021

Pursuing Good Together

We don’t need to cover the myriad ways in which 2020 was a difficult year; you already know that. What we do want to focus on is mending our social fabric, and how we can bring people together again, even if – for public health reasons – we’re not quite ready to physically come together.

As with so many things, this healing starts locally, and it starts with us. The Hilltop already faced so many complex challenges requiring creative solutions and people working together – we don’t need to add to the challenges.

Our theme reflects our desire for collaboration, for unity, for equality, and for working together to solve problems big and small. And for doing GOOD things. Together.

In that spirit, we encouraged collaboration with other artists for our 2021 mural. We’re so excited to have the talented team of Lucie Shearer, Marcus Billingsley, and Thom Glick as our muralists this year!

And the winner is…

Lucie Shearer, Marcus Billingsley, and Thom Glick submitted a truly amazing design that wowed our board and our community.  Their creativity and talent is on full display with this concept that perfectly illustrates this year’s theme while paying homage to the business whose wall will serve as its canvas.  We couldn’t be happier with the work that these three artists did!

Mural Dedication

A mural dedication event will be held at Third Way Café starting at 6:00 PM on August 5th.  This event is open to the community and will give everyone a chance to see the art in person and meet the artists.  We’ll have refreshments and live music by Starlit Ways.  We hope to see you there!

Pursuing Good Together