It’s a CAR!

We’re pretty excited this year about our car.  Nope, not just any car……it’s an ART CAR!  Currently this lump of metal is hiding in the artist’s garage getting a bit of purple painted on it here and there.  The “tiara” is formed, painted and on top, while to logos are being painted on the sides.

We’ve got some pretty wild and hairy ideas for this beast, but none of them include a fitting name…….yet.  Don’t fret, we’ve got the most creative minds in the business working on this, and we plan on making it over the top!

Our humble car was donated to us by Haydocy Auto right here, on the Hilltop.  Chris Haydocy is dedicated to making the Hilltop a better place to live and work.  His vision is always big and always bold.  He’s a man that can make things happen and we’d like to thank him very publicly and very loudly for our Ambush Advertising vehicle.

Look for this saucy, purple car at Westgate Farmers Market, the Hilltop Bean Dinner, Comfest, the Doo Dah parade, or just cruising up and down Sullivant Ave and W. Broad.  If we spot you with one of our tees on, we may just have a treat for you!

Welcome to the Hilltop

Welcome to the Hilltop – Home of Summer Jam West!

Welcome to the Hilltop – Home of Summer Jam West! Did you think we were just sitting around on our laurels resting after the festival?  Our work is never done.  We want Summer Jam West to continue to grow and the Hilltop to be known for having the fastest growing arts festival in Columbus.

To do so, we need to advertise in REALLY BIG LETTERS.  What better way than to hook up with Hilltop Kiwanis and rent space on their “Welcome to the Hilltop” sign?  It’s big, it’s bold and so are we.  The signs are in both locations; our 9′ sign is at the top of Rhodes Park and visible from W. Broad.  Our second sign is just west of Wilson Rd and close to the Camp Chase Railway overpass.  We would have loved for it to be a whopping 9′ as well, but we do share with others and Hilltop Historical Society has our back.

This was a pretty big step for us and we worked until there was nothing but blood, sweat and tears after removing a significant amount of brush, but we have more surprises coming your way.

Do you remember the Community Puzzle you helped colour in at Westgate Farmers Market and The Bean Dinner?  We have a location for that, as well as a very special announcement.  We’re keeping it secret so it can make a REALLY BIG splash, but watch out, we’ll be the only festival with …………

Aussie Ace

Aussie Ace