Chalk It Up to Experience


Chalk artists are coming to Summer jam West and we know they’ll be a smash hit!

Six professional chalk artists will be joining Summer Jam West this year.  They’ll be chalking up some awesome art near the racquetball courts.  Of course we’ll have supplies on hand for the kids to work their own magic, and we know they’ll be inspired to do so.

Your artists are Sheryl Lazenby, Jennifer Russell, Hilary Frambes, Danielle Poling, Lori Hughes, and Darrean Brown.  They’ve competed in many professional chalking events around the country including Easton, Dayton and Florida.

All artists are members of the Ohio Chalk Art Guild.  The guild was founded January 31, 2017 by Sheryl Lazenby.  It is a group of highly talented artists intent on improving their craft and sharing it with others.  If you are interested in learning more, please join their page.

Examples of their work can be found by following the links above.  Maybe you’ve already seen some of their work, maybe you’ve never been exposed to sidewalk art, maybe your kids have always had the right idea and you just need to let them go at it with our supplies.

Look for them July 8th over by the racquetball courts and watch their unique art unfold.  We promise you, you’ll be awed.




We’re Cleaning Up Our Act!

Summer Jam West is cleaning up our act and partnering with Columbus Westside Running Club, Friends of the Hilltop and Friends of Camp Chase Trail.  We’ll be picking up trash on a section of our newly paved multi-use trail.  Meet us each 4th Saturday of the month to take pride in our community.  Columbus Westside Running Club is the organizer and you can find updates on the meeting location on their site.

Summer Jam is helping to keep the Hilltop clean and green!  Join us!

Where: Location varies each month between Wilson Rd Park and Hague Ave.

When: Every third Saturday

Time: 11 am

Who: Summer Jam West, Friends of the Hilltop, Columbus Westside Running Club and Friends of Camp Chase Trail.

Why:  Because we all have a stake in the Hilltop and we all want it to be a better place to live. Summer Jam West has a brand new 90 foot mural waiting to be painted along this trail.  We want the trail to be clean for all users.

Provided: Gloves, buckets, bags, pickers, vests.