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On the Wings of Change – Rachel Pace

“On the Wings of Change” was designed and built by Rachel Pace. Rachel grew up on the Hilltop and, like many artists, wanted to give back to her community. Rachel chose a monarch butterfly to design and build, as monarchs are her first passion. She then convinced us to build an entire festival around monarchs. And it worked!

The sculpture was built in the spring of 2015 in Rachel’s garage using repurposed stainless steel and copper from a scrap yard. If you look closely, you’ll see all four stages of the butterfly; from egg, to larva, to chrysalis, and finally, to a full blown beautiful monarch. “Big Momma” as she’s become affectionately known, is feeding on a Sullivant’s milkweed and is facing south towards her over-wintering grounds in Mexico. Joe Lamothe installed the sculpture on July 1st, 2015. She was placed adjacent to the rain garden in Westgate Park, the first rain garden installed in a city park on Columbus’ west side. “On the Wings of Change” is the very first public art sculpture on the Hilltop.

  • Big Momma is 14 feet tall and weighs approximately 500 lbs.
  • Each piece was cut using a plasma torch and is hand finished.
  • Welding was done using a MIG welder and 2 lbs of wire.
  • Each flower petals 12″ across, the largest leaf is 44″ long.
  • The caterpillar is made from 4″ flexible duct pipe and features a hand-hammered copper head.  It weighs nearly 12 lbs.
  • The first piece was cut March 9, 2015 and was complete by mid June.
  • The monarch has an 88″ wing span.  Her body is made from 4″ industrial pipe and connectors.  Her eyes are 2″ faceted amber glass, imported from Germany.
  • She sits atop a Sullivant’s milkweed, named for William S. Sullivant, a local botanist and son of Lucas Sullivant, founder of Franklinton.

Funded By:


Ohio Arts Council

Recreation and Parks

Heartland Bank

Puffin West

Hollywood Casino