Summer Jam West Sponsors and Supporters

It’s our Sponsors and local supporters that make Summer Jam West all come together. They make public art on the Hilltop possible.

Without their patronage, we’d never have been able to give you years of great festivals in Westgate Park, and many pieces of permanent, public art throughout the Hilltop.

We’re eternally indebted to our Major Sponsors who return every year with continuing support, giving you a free Kids Art Zone, a rocking stage, happy volunteers,  the popular chalk artists and Art Car Corral.

We’re to have the support of our mural sponsors who make it possible to continue to bring you permanent, public art on the Hilltop.

And then, we have The Jamtastics!  This is comprised of YOU.  YOU support art and music right where you live, just by donating $20 each year.  We give you a Jamtastic tee that shows where your heart is.  Be a Jamtastic member each year to assist us in bringing you this wildly popular, Hilltop festival.

All of this is to say that it takes may people, organizations, foundations, small businesses and individuals, at many different levels, to bring you public art and a classy festival.  Please support these businesses.  That’s how we’ll make the Hilltop a better place to live.