For the Common Good

A Summer Jam Art Spot

Spring Fire – Khanh Minh Thach

Summer Jam West discovered the dynamic life force known as Khanh Minh Thach at 3060 ARTWORKS.  We encouraged him to submit a concept sketch for Summer Jam West’s Art Spots in 2018.

Then, we stumbled upon the gracious and amiable personality of Adam Bahgat, owner and stylist of Adam B. Studio  on Sullivant Ave. We offered him a free 8′ X 4′ art panel for the side of his building and in no time at all, he’d selected Khanh’s Spring Rain.

We love the stunning contrast it creates against the dark grey exterior of the building and agree with Adam when he commented that it looks like a stained glass window.  We’re only left with the one question…….horizontal or vertical?

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